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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Hindsight Report for Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Stocks I wish I would have owned today:

Market Indicator? Have you noticed the list gets bigger every day? There is a lot of momentum right now. Be sure to have stops in when traders take their profits.

AMTD Ameritrade, brokers are enjoying a buying frenzy.
BBD Banco Bradesco. A Brazilian bank that has been on fire. One of Cramer's favorites.
BIVN I just sold this and it comes right to the hindsight report! Slightly above my sell now.
CHS Chicos Fas. Up an average of 80% a year for 10 years. Get out of the way of a train.
CX Cemex. Mexican cement leader popped on news that US would allow for export of more cement.
EGHT 8X8. A VOIP company. I like VOIP, but not this stock. I have Lingo at home. However it makes big moves for those of you who like to juggle flaming chainsaws.
EWW Mexico ETF. Consolidated some yesterday, up nicely again today...
HOMS Homestore continued yesterday's strength. 2nd day on hindsight list
JWN Another local company, Nordstoms. High end retailers are doing much better than Walmart and Target.
NTRI Nutri-System. I don't know why this stock goes up so much. Sorry for the lame write-up.
PXN Powershares Nanotech ETF. Solid trading since it appeared late in 2005. Many do not believe it is a good representative of the Nano movement, but if it is going up, it is going up.
SOLD One more Washington State stock, is a lead generator for real-estate agents. Should trade in tandem with HOMS.
WBMD Why is WebMD going up? Put up a comment if you know...

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