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Monday, January 09, 2006

Sold 2 more positions, tightened stops, 27% cash

I was looking back since April when I first started keeping a detailed account of my trading activities and I have never had this much cash. Not that it is a bad thing. Sure I've missed out a little bit on some big movers (TRAD) but for some reason I feel it will pay off soon.

I sold SiRF today when it triggered my stop. It ended up closing higher. The position earned me 4.18% (1.84% after fees). I will definitely keep it in my radar. I also hit a stop I set intra-day on HANS. Still made 2.74% (only 0.92% after fees...). I am wary of this one, but it to closed well above my stop. I am poised to jump back in as well.

Google (GOOG) now has a 43% weighting in my portfolio. Until it proves otherwise, I will be heavy in Google. By the way, if you haven't checked out their new Google Pack suite of free software, check it out. Included is Google Earth, Picasa Photo Manager, Trillian (which lets you chat with AOL, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, and Google Talk all from the same platform...), and a few more.

My position in the risky biotech Bioenvision (BIVN) is up over 20% in one month. It closed at $8.11 today, towards it's high. I put in a tight stop at $7.97. I refuse to give back the gains on this one.

Update on my Monday sales of LBTYA, JSDA, and QCOM were timely. While Qualcomm was up 0.5% today, Liberty Global and Jones Soda were both down over 1%. Now if I could only put the cash raised from these sales to use, I'd be golden.

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