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Monday, January 09, 2006

Hindsight Report for Monday, January 9, 2006

Stocks I would have liked to own today:

AMLN Amylin Pharmaceuticals -- patent holders for a new diabetes drug, this high flying biotech was just added to the Nasdaq 100 index.
AMTD Ameritrade -- Jim Cramer loves this online trader.
CWTR Coldwater Creek -- Another of Cramer's recent recommendations and a daily participant in the Hindsight Report.
EWW Ishares MSCI Mexico Index -- ETF This Exchange Traded Fund, offered by Ishares mirrors the Mexican stock market and was up over 40% in 2005.
PXN Powershares Lux Nano Index -- ETF This is a new ETF offered by Powershares. It is filled with some flaky stocks but is interesting to watch.
SHLD Sears Holdings -- A beleagured retailer, KMART and Sears. Enough said. But the real estate play on its property may still be in effect.
STP Suntech Power Holdings -- *WARNING* This is a CHINESE, small cap, solar power company. Everytime the oil prices go up, the alternative energy plays get a pop too.
SYK Stryker -- Disappointing stock in 2005, this orthopedic implant company has 20 years of 28% growth and should do well with the aging of the baby boomers.
TRAD Tradestation -- Here is this stock, again. Stock is up 27% ytd. Can't touch it now, too extended.
WBMD WebMD -- Recent IPO, hitting new highs.

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