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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

An AAPL a day (and 14 million IPODS) will keep the doctor away...

Apple is amazing. 14 million IPODS sold in the 4th quarter. New products delivered to stores on the day they are announced. You can read the play by play account of Steve Jobs' address at Engadget.

So, with the help of Apple, my portfolio is up another 1%.

I sold Bioenvision today. As I said yesterday, I really put on a tight stop. I took home a 17.99% return (15.30% after fees.)

Market was solid. It was only barely up, but after the last 5 days, it consolidated nicely and the initial weakness was jumped on by the Bulls. Just like the Seahawks defense: Bend but Don't Break. I am at 33% cash and will look to put some to work tomorrow if the market cooperates.

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