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Monday, February 27, 2006

Hindsight Report for Monday the 27th of February

The market was solid today and there were many stocks that performed well. Stocks I would have liked to own today:

ADSK Autodesk, Inc 2.69% --Manufacturer of AutoCad engineering software enjoys another good session
AMLN Amylin Pharmaceuticals 4.89% --Know anyone with diabetes? Amylin's main drug is a diabetes treatment
AMTD TD Ameritrade Holding Corp 3.25% --First of today's broker/exchange stocks, also a repeat offender on the hindsight report.
CHH Choice Hotels Intl 1.88% --Up 1.85% on Friday, another 1.88% today--solid stock.
CHRW C.H. Robinson Worldwide Inc 2.46% --This freight forwarder/logistics company has enjoyed steady growth in its stock the last couple of months...
CME Chicago Merc Exch 3.16% --Another exchange stock. I traded CME this fall and had a hard time with it, but it has had a huge recovery and is growing faster than Google right now...
FFIV F5 Networks 2.47% --This Seattle internet traffic firm is showing up on the hindsight report everyday...
GILD Gilead Sciences 3.26% --With great HIV and Bird Flu products, this stock should be considered for every portfolio.
HOMS Homestore Inc 3.05% --Online service provider to the real-estate industry
IACI IAC/InterActiveCorp New 3.63% --Boosted by a Barron's cover story and propaganda, a nice move by Barry Diller's empire
ITRN Ituran Location & Control Ltd 4.89% --Israeli company, makers of GPS anti-theft devices for vehicles, popular stock lately
NTRI NutriSystem Inc 2.56% --We are soooo overweight and so is Nutrisystem's stock price--but we and it continue to pack on the pounds....
OATS Wild Oats Markets 3.45% --Surging organic food store, nudging its way into Whole Foods niche
PAC Grupo Aeroportuario Pacifico 2.44% --Recent IPO, manages many airports in growing markets of Mexico, including Guadalajara...
PEIX Pacific Ethanol Inc 2.50% --Oil was down sharply today and still this alternative fuel stock went up, that's impressive.
SBUX Starbucks Corp 2.17% --Seattle company with many doubters but a strong stock. Word is when they open a store in suburban areas across the street from an existing Starbucks, the original store's sales do not drop! New customers arrive at the new store that didn't want to turn left to go to the old store...
SOLD HouseValues Inc 2.69% --another online real-estate company. Personally, I prefer because you don't have to register and you won't be contacted by realtors like with
STP Suntech Power Holdings 4.13% --this Chinese solar panel company has pulled back in the last few days and may be poised for another run upwards
TKO Telkonet Inc 2.25% --This company's technology delivers high-speed internet over electric power lines and delivers the internet to each electric outlet, no modem required.
WMS WMS Industries 2.44% --This slot machine and gaming software manufacturer is performing well of late. See my earlier write up: WMS, a baby-boomer play?

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