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Friday, February 17, 2006

Hindsight on Frigid Friday, February 17, 2006

Stocks looking good today:

Central Euro Media--cable company adding new customers in Eastern Europe: including VOIP...
CHH Choice Hotels Intl--this stock is on a tear since the hurricane--I just recently added it to my watch list.
FFIV F5 Networks--Seattle company, internet traffic management
MOH Molina Healthcare--Stock was thrashed in 2005, trying to recover
OATS Wild Oats Markets--Investors seem to have switched from Whole Foods (WFMI) to Wild Oats.
STP Suntech Power Holdings Co Ltd--Oil prices up, so is STP! Nobody cares that it is a Chinese company?
TRAK DealerTrack Holdings Inc--Automotive software company that helps dealerships smooth out the financing process, recent IPO.
VLTS Valentis Inc--Biotech developing P.A.D. treatment.
YMI YM Biosciences Inc--Biotech with a cancer fighting portfolio

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