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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Hindsight Report for Thursday, February 16, 2006

Bernanke was grilled by the Senate today and stocks slowly moved up throughout. It looks like investors are afraid of being left behind and are jumping in. We look to be experiencing what will likely be a short-term rally. Here are some stocks I would have liked to own today:

AMLN Amylin Pharmaceuticals--2 diabetes drugs on the market (Symlin and Byetta)
AMX America Movil--Mexican cellular provider continuing its February rally
BBD Banco Bradesco--Huge technical breakout today for this Brazilian stock. Use stops with this one.
BOT CBOT Holdings Inc--Continues its move up after a breakout earlier this week.
CMG Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc--Recently spun-off of McDonalds, I'm guessing some institutional players have been initiating positions recently.
DDDC Deltathree Inc--Offers an outsourcing, reseller, and consumer VOIP offerings.
DIET Inc--Etailer offering a matrix of diet options
HANS Hansen Natural--MONSTER energy drinks
NTRI NutriSystem Inc--Along with above, NutriSystem is in its most profitable time of the year...still a lot of resolution dieting in play (including myself!!)
OATS Wild Oats Markets--Up 18% today on a blistering earnings report and upside guidance, natural foods are still a huge, high-margin growth market.
POOL SCP Pool--Throw this in the Baby-boomer portfolio, lots of new pools going in and then they need to be maintained.
PSYS Psychiatric Solutions--Manages inpatient psychiatric clinics, is this a Baby-boomer play too? :)
SOLD HouseValues Inc--A little sloppy technically, this online real-estate company (from Seattle) will do well as long as the home values keep going up...
STP Suntech Power Holdings--Chinese solar power company, drooling over high oil prices

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