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Friday, February 10, 2006

Hindsight Report for Friday, February 10

Stocks I would have liked to own today:

BBD Banco Bradesco -- Brazilian bank getting close to its 52 wk high
BOT CBOT Holdings Inc -- The exchange/broker group is only selectively hot now
CETV Central Euro Media -- Eastern European Cable TV company, big growth--also offering VOIP and video on demand...
DIET Inc -- On the list again...
DNA Genentech Inc -- Long absence from my watch list, could be making a comeback
IACI IAC/InterActiveCorp -- Tough company to understand. Barry Diller is trying to work some magic.
JSDA Jones Soda -- Seattle niche soda/energy drink company with a beautiful breakout today
PEIX Pacific Ethanol Inc -- Speculative movement in this stock
TEVA Teva Pharm Indus ADR -- Israeli generic drug company
YMI YM Biosciences Inc -- A cancer biotech has been going gangbusters all of February.

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