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Friday, April 21, 2006

Hindsight Report for Friday the 21st of April

Here are some stocks that looked good today. I bought into Valentis and already owned Hana Biosciences.

SOLD HouseValues Inc 17.50%
CTLM Centillium Communications 13.11%
GRZ Gold Reserve'A' 10.16%
EBHC Eddie Bauer Holdings Corp W/I 10.00%
PEIX Pacific Ethanol Inc 6.24%
LRW Labor Ready 6.23%
CBEY Cbeyond Communications Inc 5.48%
SYK Stryker Corp 4.55%
HNAB Hana Biosciences Inc 4.09%
IBAS Ibasis Inc 3.15%
SCSS Select Comfort 2.94%
NTMD NitroMed Inc 2.83%
VLTS Valentis Inc 2.76%
SUF SulphCo Inc 2.71%
CBOU Caribou Coffee Company Inc 2.69%
AMX America Movil'L'ADS 2.36%

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