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Monday, March 06, 2006

Hindsight Report for March (Madness) the 6th, 2006

Stocks performing well on my watch list today include:

Cbeyond Communications Inc 1.68% --This VOIP company has had some recent strength
CBOU Caribou Coffee Company Inc 2.23% --Caribou is a midwest version of Starbucks and Peets, its followers swear by its great coffee flavor. The stock has been volatile since its IPO in 2005
DIET Inc 5.03% --Not sure about the business model for this company but the stock can move up quickly
HANS Hansen Natural 4.55% --A favorite whipping boy for financial journalists when they write about overvalued stocks, Hansens has gone up a few THOUSAND percent in the last few years and is threatening to hit an all time high tomorrow
ISE Intl Securities Exchange Inc 1.87% --another high flyer from the exchange/broker industry subset
PENN Penn National Gaming 5.07% --look at my previous description for Penn Gaming. Read Feb 15 post HERE

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