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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Link? First all link post for the Trading Alamanac

I won't be doing this everyday but here are some interesting links:

Bond Guru Bill Gross describes a typical work day. An hour and a half of yoga right in the middle of the trading day and he can still personally manage $200 billion dollars. Lots of respect to you Bill.

Here are screen shots of the Google calendar that is currently in beta testing. I can't wait until this is available as it will tie in with my gmail account (need an invite to gmail? let me know: tradingalmanac AT gmail DOT com). The link also gives a decent description of the functions that will be offered. Did I tell you I can't wait?

Real Estate Porn: This very addictive website provides home valuation without the fees and registration required by other websites. Also, you can see satellite maps of whole neighborhoods with each house's value and also the site provides great comparable sales. There are many who have knocked Zillow for being quite inaccurate but I challenge you to check it out for less than an hour...


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