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Friday, March 31, 2006

Hindsight Report: Last day of 1st Q 2006

Congrats to Google (GOOG) which will now trade on the S&P500. Google is now down 6% ytd. With Google making up a 38% weighting of my portfolio it is a small miracle that I'm up 1.36% on the year (still down 0.77% after commissions). My benchmark index, the Russell 2000 is up 13.65% on the year, so I have my work cut out for me.

Below are some strong performers today from my watch list:

TKO Telkonet Inc 8.97% --Among other things, this company can set up internet service through the electrical system of a building...
HANS Hansen Natural 5.79% --Oh Hans! One position I sold in Hans last year (after a sizeable gain) would be up over 300% if I would have just held it! There were rumors that Hans and Anheiser Busch signed a distribution agreement today.
JSDA Jones Soda 5.10% --Up in sympathy with Hans? Jones Soda is a Seattle based company with very creative and effective marketing. Except for the Motley Fool, this company is very much under the radar...
NTRI NutriSystem Inc 4.95% --Until America gets skinny (i know, i know), Nutrisystem should keep going up.
BOT CBOT Holdings Inc 4.91% --Largest option exchange enjoying record volumes
NTMD NitroMed Inc 4.34% --This biotech was up today because it layed off more than 1/3 of its workers...
DOC Digital Angel 3.12% --this is a RFID tag company which is set to install the largest RFID tower in the world in the Columbia River Gorge to count salmon...The company is majority owned by Applied Digital (ADSX)
PEET Peet's Coffee & Tea 3.06% --Starbucks' inspiration, Peets is just starting an aggressive expansion
EXPE Expedia Inc 2.37% --I watch this stock because I am intrigued by spin-offs but not sure it is one I would ever own...
MOH Molina Healthcare 2.04% --my insurance company!

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