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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Sector Watch List: Asian Mobile Gaming/Content Stocks

Mobile Gaming and Content is all the rage in Asia, and is SLOWLY catching on over here.
These stocks are not for the faint of heart and can experience wide swings on a daily basis.
Dramamine, a seat belt, and a crash helmet are required. As it is, the group below is up an average of 7.33% on the year. NCTY and PACT have the best charts of the group. If you like to trade momentum stocks, these can have some nice runs, just be sure to have some trailing stops in place...

asian mobile gaming/content stocks:

CNTF China TechFaith Wireless Comm
KONG KongZhong Corp ADS
LTON LinkTone Ltd. ADS
NCTY The9 Limited ADS
PACT PacificNet Inc
SNDA Shanda Interactive Entertainmt
WTHN WiderThan Co Ltd ADS
WZEN Webzen Inc Ads

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